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Rooted in the City of Oaks, we take great pride in our work here at OCWS. We aim to provide the highest quality of products that not only serve a purpose but also tell a story. Sourcing most of our lumber and metal in-town, we are committed to supporting other local businesses in Raleigh and surrounding areas in North Carolina.

Under the flickering shadows of hardwood trees, is a woodshop where ideas and projects flow freely from the soul of a craftsman. Needing a creative outlet from his work in front a computer screen, Jake has turned to woodworking to channel his imagination and create unique, custom products.

Finding joy in the interaction with his clients is just one of the reasons he loves woodworking. When he comes home from work, he finds the peace and relaxation he needs to unwind when he enters his shop. The satisfaction he experiences from making something from nothing motivates him to pursue his passion.

Knowing he has many more designs and projects to create, he is excited for the opportunity to dedicate time to perfect his techniques and his craft, knowing that he will be enjoying this long after he retires from his career as a computer programmer. He is confident that any project he can dream of—from furniture and home goods to custom beer flight boards and specialty boxes—will ultimately be given a chance to be fulfilled.


To hear more about our story, check out the video below